About Us

Our History

In 1992, our founder, Gregory Millen, began representing banks and mortgage companies in the sale of their distressed real estate.

In 1998, Greg and his team began investing directly into distressed real estate.

In 2005, Noble Real Estate, LLC was founded with the dual focus of representing banks and mortgage companies as well as advising affiliated companies in the acquisition, management and sale of real estate.

In 2010, the company added the advising of its affiliates in the purchase and management of residential and commercial mortgages.


The Noble Group no longer represents banks and mortgage companies and strictly represents a number of affiliated, privately held investment and operating companies. As a group, the affiliated companies are focused on the acquisition, management, and sale of real estate as well as investments in residential and commercial mortgages. On behalf of these companies, The Noble Group manages over $70 Million of capital invested in real estate and mortgages throughout the United States. Working on a national scale, The Noble Group underwrites thousands of investment opportunities annually to fuel the selective capital allocation goals for each of the affiliated companies.

The Noble Group, LLC is a Pennsylvania limited liability company and is a licensed real estate brokerage in Pennsylvania.